Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde


Weekend workshop with a performance at the end

6 February 2011

Moisés Kaufman’s tour de force of verbatim theatre powerfully depicts a legendary fall from grace.

In 1895 Oscar Wilde brought a libel suit against the Marquess of Queensberry for publicly maligning him as a sodomite, thus setting in motion a chain of events which culminated in Wilde's own conviction and imprisonment for gross indecency.

Weaving together original courtroom transcripts with writings by Wilde and his contemporaries, Gross Indecency charts the tragic downfall of the most sophisticated man of Victorian letters at the hands of a society that was itself outwardly elegant and adventurous, yet inwardly deeply repressive and vindictive.

The weekend will begin with a read through on the Friday evening, followed by a day of rehearsals on the Saturday, then further rehearsals in the theatre on Sunday morning, with a script in hand performance on Sunday evening.

It promises to be a hugely fun weekend, where you are guaranteed to feel a real sense of excitement and achievement when the curtain falls.


Qasim Arshad
Barry Clarke
Bernard Doogan
Amy Fleming
John Irvine
Tracie Laurinaitis
Rebecca Linton
Mark MaceyAlan Maddrell
Andy Marchant
Adam Moulder
Nick Mouton
Eddie Register
Jaqui Shiel
Stephanie Urquhart
Dawn Williams


DIRECTOR | Jacqui Adams

The Winterflood Theatre

  • Sunday 6 February 2011 6.30pm