Everything we do at Sedos is the work of volunteers, from building this website to putting on all our shows. It's a team effort.

We’d like to thank:

  • The past and present members of the Sedos management committee and trustees
  • The members of our marketing, production and membership groups
  • The past and present team at the Bridewell Theatre, where we are the resident theatre company
  • Olly Levett for building this website
  • All the photographers who take pictures of our shows and whose images make this website look great, including: Michael Smith, David Ovenden, Stephen Russell, Adrian Hau, Nick Chronnell, Neil Ballinger, Ruth Anthony and Dancers of London
  • The website and box office working group: Kimberly Barker, Stephen Beeny, Ben Hussey, Steven King, Pippa Kyle, Olly Levett, Ryan Macaulay, David Ovenden, Peter Shimmin, Robert J Stanex and Shiri Stern