Sedos on tour to London and Edinburgh with a comedy about the people you hate

31 July-1 August and 6-13 August 2016

Sedos on tour to London and Edinburgh with a comedy about the people you hate.

A show about those people you love to hate. That bitch co-worker? That arsehole flatmate? That annoying prick you can't even remember becoming friends with? They are all in there.

Six short plays from international writers presented over the course of one hour. Each play is comedy driven with strong dramatic elements in some. The plays will share a stylistic theme as well as the general theme of 'Frenemies' to create a cohesive show performed by an ensemble of eight actors.

The plays featured in Frenemies are:

I Can Tell Your Handbag is Fake, by Dean Lundquist
Three fashion-conscious friends meet on the underground where one of them, much to chagrin of the others, points out that she can tell that their handbags are fake. A commentary on what fashion means to identity.

Necessity, by Daniel Saunders
Two men are stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean after their ship sinks. Is it worth trying to stay alive if your only companion makes you want to kill yourself?

The Kill, by Alex Broun
If you dream you die, you die right? Well what if someone else dies in your dream? Or what if you dream you kill them? And what if that person is sitting beside you on the couch, watching the TV? A psychological dream-thriller. With tomatoes.

Wanna Hear a Joke?, by Daniel Saunders
Some people can really make a joke come alive. Sometimes that’s not a good thing. A play about those annoying people you put up with because you want to be a good person.

Principles, by Deborah Poznansky
Parent teacher meetings are never fun for anyone. Least of all when it is the adults that are the ones acting like children.

Perfect Couple, by Chris Davis
Beatrice and Hugo are the perfect couple. Nice house, recent promotion, soon to be married. A veritable Barbie and Ken. How are Toby and Jenny ever supposed to keep up?


Juliette Chrisman
Nick Dore
Fiona Jones
Pedro Pinhal
Katie Rice
Jess Rogers
Richard Staplehurst
Christopher Warren


DIRECTOR | Dan Saunders
PRODUCER | Lizzie Drapper
STAGE MANAGER | Becky Chisholm

Bridewell Theatre and Forest Theatre

  • Saturday 6 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Sunday 7 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Monday 8 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Tuesday 9 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 10 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Thursday 11 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Friday 12 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Saturday 13 August 2016 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 31 August 2016 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 31 August 2016 8.00pm
  • Thursday 1 September 2016 8.00pm