Members of the 2023/24 Sedos Trustees and Management Committee along with Sedos members who attended the 2023 Seods AGM.

Sedos is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Click here to read the constitution.

Sedos' charitable objects are:

(i) To educate the public in the fields of dramatic and musical theatre and to further the development of public appreciation of and taste in said fields; and
(ii) To give an opportunity for persons interested in the fields of dramatic and musical theatre to participate whether on or off-stage in theatrical productions of high quality.


The trustees are ultimately responsible for the long-term financial health of the society and ensuring that the charity complies with its legal responsibilities and acts in accordance with the constitution. They keep an eye on the management committee and provide guidance as to the day-to-day operations of the society.

The trustees' particular focus is ensuring that our financial reserves are prudently managed; we have long-term performance, rehearsal and build space and that the society is acting at all times in the best interests of our members.

The trustees are elected by the members for three-year terms or co-opted in accordance with the society’s constitution. The trustees meet every three months.

The trustees are:

Chair | Daniel Saunders (he/him)
Secretary | Graham White (he/him)
Trustee with financial responsibility | Nick Dore (he/him)
ex officio, Chair of the management committee | Adrian Hau (he/him)

Jack Brown (he/him)
Matt Gould (he/him)
Sara Rajeswaran (she/her)

Minutes of trustees’ meetings can be found here

Management committee

The management committee is responsible for the day to day management of Sedos. This includes responsibility for artistic policy and choosing the season, supporting production teams, maintaining artistic and production standards, keeping our members engaged with the society, budgeting and financial management.

The management committee is set up by the trustees to run the society and the members of the management committee are voted on by the society’s membership.

The management committee’s terms of reference is here.

To contact the management committee, please email

The management committee meets monthly.

Minutes of the management committee’s meetings can be found here.

Members of the management committee are:

Chair | Adrian Hau (he/him)
Treasurer | Henry Whittaker (he/him)
Production group | Adam Coppard (he/him)
Karen Braganza (she/her)
Paul Caira
Tim Garrad (he/him)
Ruth Granton (she/her)
Olly Levett (he/him)
Tess Robinson (she/her)
Mark Siddall (he/him)


Sedos has a marketing group, a production group and a membership group, all of which contribute to the day to day operations of the society. Anyone can volunteer to get involved in these groups.