Registration is now open for Sunday in the Park with George auditions. The show, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine, will play 20-30 June at Wheatsheaf Hall near Vauxhall and 28 July and 4 August at Thoringon Theatre, Suffolk.


Auditions: 4, 7, 8 and 9 March (Theatre Deli) Recalls: 16 March (Theatre Deli)
Rehearsals: Monday and Wednesday 7-10pm; Saturday 10am-6pm from 25 March (Wheatsheaf Hall)


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White. A blank page or canvas. The challenge: bring order to the whole.
Through design. Composition. Tension. Balance. Light. And harmony.

In 1883 immersed in his studio, eccentric artist, George, attempts to capture the characters he sees around him through pointed spots of colour, much to the bemusement of local critics.

100 years later history repeats itself when his great-grandson, George, reveals his latest work, Chromoloume #7, to mixed reviews.

Is his career finished? Or can his beloved muse, Dot, bring him to life as he did her?

Inspired by the little-known life of Georges Seurat and his pioneering painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”, Sunday in the Park with George explores love, loss, and what it means to sacrifice ones self for art.


Sunday can be, and has been staged in a variety of ways from the small and simple, to the large and lavish. Our production, whilst simple and stripped back in premise, we hope will bring something fresh and truly magical to the piece. We can’t say much more than that because that’s the play, and he wouldn’t want us to give it away... sorry - wrong Sondheim!

Our London run will be site specific - transforming an old church hall into George’s run-down Parisian studio. It is not immersive, but the audience must feel immersed in the world of George and his painting. We will be rehearsing and performing in the same space, allowing us to create the world collaboratively, responding to what we discover through the process. Following this we will be transferring to a stunning outdoor setting. It will literally be Sunday... in the Park... with George! Please note that the touring aspect of this show will not incur any additional costs for performers. There will be no need for overnight stay, and transport to and from the venue is included in your participation fee.

We want a cast who are enthusiastic about the concept, willing to roll their sleeves up and play. The staging of the show, and the diference in venues means we need a cast who can be agile and dynamic in how they adapt the show. If this is the type of challenge you revel in, we would love to have you involved.


Sedos is committed to diversity and inclusion. Our commitment is to build and sustain a membership that is reflective of the diverse communities within London.

At the heart of our story is an artist who sees everything around him simply as dots of colour and light. Although Georges Seurat was an historical character, and the subjects of his painting well documented we will not be casting based on similarity of look. Irrespective of how these parts have been portrayed in previous productions, we are seeking a diverse cast to take part in our telling of the story and therefore encourage all performers to audition for the roles which they feel best suit their skills regardless of gender, ethnicity or physical appearance.

Due to our rights agreement we are not permitted to transpose any vocal lines, and so require performers to sing in the original keys written in the score. We are also not able to modify any of the text of the libretto including to change the genders of characters. For this reason performers must be willing to present on-stage as the gender of the part they are playing.

We will consider performers with a disability for any role and actively encourage disabled performers to audition. Due to the constraints of the venues we are performing in not all areas are fully accessible to those with reduced mobility. Where possible we will make any adjustments necessary to accommodate - please contact the team directly to discuss. If you have any access requirements for auditions, rehearsals, or performances, please let us know and we will aim to make any reasonable adjustments where possible.

Where an age range is listed in the character breakdown we will aim to cast age appropriately. We will not be casting anyone under the age of 18.


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Sunday in the Park with George auditions

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