Fewer Emergencies


Weekend workshop culminating in a performance

27 November 2011

Things are definitely looking up - brighter light - more frequent boating - more confident smile - things are improving day by day - who ever would've guessed?

A group of people sit telling stories. Who are these storytellers? Actors improvising? Executives at a script conference? It is never clear if the storylines they are narrating are real events or simply imagined, events being roughed out for an unknown purpose.

Martin Crimp presents a world grounded so precisely in middle class affluence; where happiness is sacrificed for a nice handmade table, truth for easy lies and we lock our children up when the real horror is really within. This is not an imagined world but our world today, where we are all content in our ignorance of a lifestyle threatened by violence and unspecified ‘emergencies’.

Fewer Emergencies involves four voices, three stories, two songs and a rodent called Bobby. The play premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in September 2005.

The weekend workshop will begin with a read through on the Friday evening, followed by a day of rehearsals on the Saturday, then further rehearsals in the theatre on Sunday morning, with a script in hand performance on Sunday evening.

It promises to be a hugely fun weekend, where you are guaranteed to feel a real sense of excitement and achievement when the curtain falls.


Tarani Ariyanayagam
David Keeley
Jacqui Adams
Todd Baker
Becca Adams
Karen Lister
Neil Forster


DIRECTOR | Matt Hudson
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR | Tracie Laurinaitis

Bridewell Theatre

  • Sunday 27 November 2011 6.00pm