Welcome Back Members’ Week

We’re hugely excited to launch our 2021 in-person activity with a jam-packed Members’ Week featuring our Acting Group (26 July), Choose Your Own...Improv (27, 29 & 30 July) , a Piano Night Social ( 28 July) and Play in a Day (31 July)

26-31 JULY 2021

It’s been a long 16 months since our last ‘live’ show at the Bridewell Theatre (The Musical of Musicals the Musical), and we’re hugely excited to launch our 2021 in-person activity with a jam-packed Members’ Week at the Bridewell Theatre from 26-31 July.

It’s going to be a wonderful celebration of all our theatrical activities and we hope they’ll be something for everyone to get involved in, whether taking part or watching from the stalls.

You’ll find more information on the tabs above, but here’s a summary of what to expect.

MONDAY 26 JULY | Acting Group Returns, 7pm-9pm
TUESDAY 27 JULY | Choose Your Own... Improv with Banana Hut Gang, 7.30pm
WEDNESDAY 28 JULY | Piano Night Social, from 7.30pm
THURSDAY 29 JULY | Choose Your Own... Improv with Banana Hut Gang, 7.30pm
FRIDAY 30 JULY | Choose Your Own... Improv with Banana Hut Gang, 7.30pm
SATURDAY 31 JULY | Play in a Day: The Corsican Brothers, rehearsals all day, public performance 7.30pm

Tickets to laugh-a-long with Choose Your Own... Improv with Banana Hut Gang are £8 full price and £6 for Sedos members and concessions. Book now.

The Acting Group, Piano Night Social and Play in a Day are FREE events, but please register or book a ticket via our box office.

MONDAY 26 JULY 2021 | 7pm-9pm

We’re back!!! Sedos is very excited to begin our in-person activities at the Bridewell Theatre with a chance for lots of people to get involved with the return of our Acting Group.

The first event of our Welcome Back Members’ Week will be a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere for people who want to act - whether they want to brush up on their skills, prepare for an audition or simply 'have a go'. All levels of ability are welcome, whether its your first time or your fiftieth time!

There's nothing to prepare. Bring yourself, a tea or coffee, and take a script to rehearse for an hour then we'll perform the scenes to the group at the end.

You can also bring your own script if you have a specific audition piece you want to try, or if you just really like the script! But please be aware we can’t guarantee all scripts will be used.

Scripts should be approx. 5 minutes (no longer than 8 minutes) and there will be a selection of 2-3 handers on the day to choose from (monologues are welcome too).

The group is free for members but please sign up by emailing Helena at acting@sedos.co.uk stating your name so we have an idea of numbers.

That's it! We won't reply unless you ask us a specific question.

Please note: numbers will be restricted to make sure we get through all the extracts in time, so please register ASAP. Participants will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

TUESDAY 27, THURSDAY 29 and FRIDAY 30 JULY at 7.30pm | Improv with Banana Hut Gang

After keeping us entertained online over lockdown, the indefatigable Banana Hut Gang, Sedos' in- house improv team, are delighted to be back in-person with their ever changing improvised comedy play, Choose Your Own... Improv!, guaranteed to lift your spirits!

What do you want to see? A marriage or a funeral? An abandoned spaceship or a creepy dungeon? A murder or a resurrection?

In Choose Your Own... Improv!, you decide. Join the Banana Hut Gang as they create a brave new improvised world where you get to call the shots.

Keep the story on track, derail it completely, or start again... the choice is yours!

WEDNESDAY 28 JULY | From 7.30pm

Whether you want to get up and sing or just relax and enjoy a drink with friends, our Piano Night is the perfect event to bring you back to the Bridewell Theatre, which will be transformed into a relaxed, intimate cabaret venue for an evening of song and Sedos reunion!

Join our musical maestros Michael Cannon and Wil Gaines and entertain us with a torch song, modern belter or classic showstopper. The choice is yours! We’ll have some musical scores and collections to browse through, but if you’re looking for something specific, please feel free to bring along your own music.

Alternatively, grab a drink and catch-up with friends while listening to some great music. It’s going to be a friendly, relaxed event and the perfect opportunity to get us back together again.

The Piano Night Social is free to attend, but please register on our box office so we know how many people to expect!

SATURDAY 31 JULY | From 7.30pm

Join the fun this Members' Week as part of the cast in Dion Bouccicault's The Corsican Brothers. One of Queen Victoria's favourite plays, this action-packed ghost melodrama by the nineteenth century international star actor and playwright is based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas (The Count Of Monte Cristo, The Man In The Iron Mask).

Audience watch this exciting and highly theatrical piece free at 7.30pm on Saturday 31st July for one night only at the Bridewell Theatre.

It’s free for friends and family to attend, though audiences do need to register via our box office, https://sedos.ticketsolve.com. The running time is approximately 60 minutes.


M. DE CHATEAU RENAUD | Peter Cabrera
MME. SAVILIA DEI FRANCHI | Kimberley Allen-Philbey
MARIE | Aileen Ryan
GRIFFO | Ren Ramirez
ORLANDO | Tim Perkin
COLONNA | Morgane Lafrance
ANTONIO SANOLA | Matthew Partridge
CORALIE | Aileen Ryan
ESTELLE | Kimberley Allen-Philbey
CELESTINA | Morgane Lafrance
VERNER | Graham White
BEAUCHAMP | Matthew Partridge
SURGEON | Tim Perkin BOISSEC | Morgane Lafrance


To be part of the cast of The Corsican Brothers, please contact director Peter Foster via peter@sedos.co.uk by 6.30pm on Saturday 17 July. You must be fully available at the Bridewell Theatre all day on Saturday 31 July. 

Scripts (which you do not need to learn!) will be issued online to cast members on Sunday 18 July, and there will be an online meeting and read through prior to the live rehearsal and performance day. The play runs approximately one hour.

The range of roles encompasses age and sex, and as with Sedos Reads, our online performance season during lockdown, casting is completely open to all. The Corsican Brothers has a large cast - we are looking for a cast of up to 16 - and everyone who expresses an interest to take part will be cast. No audition is needed to take part and roles will be allocated after the deadline to sign-up has passed.



Deadline to sign-up: Saturday 17 July
Scripts given out: Sunday 18 July
Online readthrough: One evening before the live reading
Rehearsal: Saturday 31 July (all day)
Performance: Saturday 31 July at 7.30pm (show lasts 60 minutes).
Audience: It’s free for friends to attend, though audiences do need to register (coming soon)

Bridewell Theatre

The Acting Group, Piano Night Social and Play in a Day are FREE events, but please register or book a ticket. Tickets to laugh-a-long with the Banana Hut Gang are £8 full price and £6 for Sedos members and concessions.

  • Monday 26 July 2021 7.00pm
  • Tuesday 27 July 2021 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 28 July 2021 7.30pm
  • Thursday 29 July 2021 7.30pm
  • Friday 30 July 2021 7.30pm
  • Saturday 31 July 2021 7.30pm