Sedos Open Week

A week at the Bridewell packed with events for everyone who wants to get involved

17-23 SEPTEMBER 2023

A week at the Bridewell Theatre packed with events for everyone who wants to get involved.

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Come and join us for our biggest sing-along of the season from 9am to 9pm!

We’ve assembled a squad of musical directors to lead our biggest cast yet (yes that's you!) through a selection of favourites over the course of a Sunday. You’ll learn all of the numbers throughout the day before we put you all together with a live band to enjoy the numbers in their full glory.

Whether you’d like to sing in the chorus or perhaps even fancy a cheeky solo line – we’d love to hear from you!

Certified. Bangers. Guaranteed!

Date and time: Sunday 17 September, 9am

Cost: £10

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Open Week: Big Sunday Sing-Along

Join production group in the Bridewell as we look into the world of lighting.

We'll work through some common tasks with the lighting desks (running Eos) that we use in our productions to go through items like:

  • Powering on the lighting infrastructure and desk and making sure you are show ready
  • How to op a show on the desk
  • What to do in the event something goes wrong while op-ing a show

In addition, we’ll run through some basic steps that would be used in a focus or to build out the basis of a show including:

  • Turning lights on and off
  • Recording scenes
  • Controlling advanced features of lights

This workshop is aimed at people who are beginners in the world of lighting and Eos desks. However, if you would like to go through any more intermediate / advanced features, please email us on and we’ll look to put something together for you.

While this workshop is going on, some other production group members will be looking at maintenance and preparing for Gatsby and Fay which you are also welcome to take part in.

Date and time: Monday 18 September, 7pm

Cost: this is a free event, but it is essential to sign up by booking a free ticket

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Open Week: Lighting Technical Workshop

Gatsby and Fay is a radical queer retelling of The Great Gatsby that’s grimmer, glammer, and gayer than ever. Jay Gatsby is the enigmatic trans host of London’s most outrageously queer parties. They’re desperate to win back their bisexual ex-girlfriend, Daisy Fay Buchanan, five years after transphobia drove them apart. But her abusive husband isn’t going to let her go.

This play is a celebration of queer growth full of laughter, tears, and a personal look at abuse.

Gatsby and Fay is about love. How we idealise our loved ones, how we make excuses for a lover’s bad behaviour, how we value certain types of love over others. And above all, Gatsby and Fay is about what happens when love goes wrong.

This is a script-in-hand performance after one evening of rehearsal.

Date and time: rehearsal on Tuesday 19 September 7-11pm; performance on Wednesday 20 September, 8pm

Tickets to watch on Wednesday 20 September: £5

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JAY GATSBY | Tatenda Shamiso (he/him)
DAISY FAY BUCHANAN | Anuli Changa (she/her)
NICK CARRAWAY | Ell Thompson (they/them)
JORDAN BAKER | Sakshi Verman (she/her)
TOM BUCHANAN | Sylvian Lockwood (he/him)
MCKEE | Matisse Ciel Pagès (they/them)
CATHERINE WILSON | Blair Heinz (she/her)
MYRTLE WILSON | Naomi Bowman (she/her)
LUCILLE | Anoä-Kanelle Calpas (she/they)
GILDA | Freya Dawes (she/her)
OWL EYES | Owain Jones (he/him)
BAEDEKER | Bobby Brill (he/they)
MR SLOANE | Harry Jefferies (he/him)
MRS SLOANE | Sarah Beebe (she/her)
NARRATOR | Emma Jaggs (she/her)

Gatsby and Fay

Calling all aspiring theatre directors! Join us for an in-person workshop designed to provide a low-pressure learning environment to practise your directorial style. Interact with fellow directors, actors, and industry experts.

🌟 Workshop highlights:

🎬 Hands-on scene analysis: dive deep into dissecting a script, unraveling layers, and discovering new perspectives to bring out the essence of every character.

🎭 Actor-director collaboration: explore what communication is needed for a harmonious director-actor relationship.

🎯 Problem solving in real-time: develop the ability to think on your feet and overcome challenges during a mock-rehearsal.

📣 Watch your work come to life: sit back and relax as you watch your scene performed in the Bridewell theatre.

🔎 Save your questions for the end: stay for a Q&A with a mix of experienced Sedos directors and those working in the industry.

Date and time: Thursday 21 September, 7pm

Cost: £5 to observe (for those who don’t feel like acting or directing, but want to observe so they can learn) or for actors to take part; £10 for assistant directors (who want to shadow another director and contribute); £10 for directors (who want to direct and have a specific scene to bring)

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Open Week: Directors’ Workshop

Simprov Live! 7.30pm-8.30pm

For one night only, Simprov trades their Friday night site for the Friday night lights of the Bridewell stage.

We’ll take your wild and wacky suggestions and turn them into the latest three minute (unscripted!) epic to hit an off-west end stage.

Open Mic Social! 8.45pm-11pm

Friday night fun with the chance to sing the song you’ve always wanted to sing on the Bridewell stage.

We've teamed up with a West End pianist to accompany you as you show us the latest addition to your rep folder or maybe just an old favourite that you love to whip out at any opportunity!

Singing spaces limited – once you’ve booked, sign up to sing by sending your sheet music to

Date and time: Friday 22 September, 7.30pm

Tickets: £10

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Open Week: Simprov & Open Mic Social

Join production group for a relaxed get in ahead of our September show, Clue.

This is the ideal opportunity to come along and get an in-depth look at some of the common get in tasks – including learning how to:

  • Safely build the scaffold tower
  • Securely rig lighting lighting fixtures
  • Successfully focus a variety of fixtures
  • Setup the plotting desk
  • A guide to the Bridewells patch bays for audio

If there is anything you would like to specifically learn how to do, drop us an email on and we’ll look at including this in the session for you!

Date and time: Saturday 23 September, 10am

Cost: this is a free event, but it is essential to sign up by booking a free ticket

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Open Week: Relaxed Get-In for Clue

Bridewell Theatre

Tickets for Open Week events range from free to £10

  • Sunday 17 September 2023 9.00am
  • Monday 18 September 2023 7.00pm
  • Wednesday 20 September 2023 8.00pm
  • Thursday 21 September 2023 7.00pm
  • Friday 22 September 2023 7.30pm
  • Saturday 23 September 2023 10.00am